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Textbook Buyback

The College Store conducts a daily buyback. There will be one day at the end of each month that we need to shut down to closeout and refresh our vendor list, so be please feel free to call the store (910) 938-6295 to be sure before brining your books in around that time. 

At the end of each semester, there is an additional vendor who visits the College Store to buyback textbooks. This gives students another opportunity to sell their books that the store might not be able to buyback (older editions/books that are no longer being used in the course).

This semester, the vendor will be visiting the college store to buy back textbooks on Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th.

Please do not sell back your rental returns or textbooks that were borrowed from the College Foundation!

If you do not feel comfortable coming to campus or are a distance learning student, listed below are links to two different vendors that could potentially buyback your textbooks. No preferential treatment between the two, just sell your textbooks to the vendor that will give you the most money! 

 MBS Books:

Nebraska Book Company: