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Inclusive Access FAQ


What is Inclusive Access?

Coastal Carolina Community College has expanded its Inclusive Access program for the following courses for Summer 2019: ACC-120, BUS-110, CHM-090, CHM-151, CIS-110, COM-120, PSY-150, and PSY-241.

For Fall 2019, the following classes will also be added: ACC-150, ACC-220, ACC-225, BIO-243, BUS-139, BUS-225, CHM-130, and CHM-251/252. 

The Inclusive Access Program will add the cost of the required access code to the cost of tuition. By including the cost of the required access code in the total amount billed to students, Coastal Carolina Community College is able to pass along costs, which are at or below competitive market rates; thus, helping to reduce the total cost for students. In addition, students will be provided access to the required course materials on the first day of class through blackboard.

Other Inclusive Access FAQ’s:


1. When I registered for my course, I noticed a “Digital Access Fee (DIGAC)” fee. What is that?

– The “Digital Access Fee (DIGAC)” fee is associated with Inclusive Access to the particular course you are registered. The discounted price is then billed to your student account. 


2. How will I get my access code and book?

– For inclusive access, your access code and e-text is integrated with the college’s learning system, Blackboard. Both the course content and e-text will be available digitally from the start of the semester. You just need to follow the link in Blackboard and create an account with the publisher (Cengage, McGraw Hill, or Pearson).


3. Am I able to still get a physical copy of the book?

– Absolutely! You will be able to pick up a copy of the book in the College Store at a discounted rate, since you have already opted in for inclusive access. Stop by the College Store for additional information!


4. What if I decide I want to “Opt Out?”

– You will need to come into the College Store and fill out an “Opt Out Form.” Please understand that once the “Add/Drop Classes” period passes and you have decided to opt out, you are still able to get your textbook and access code at the College Store. However, it will no longer be for the discounted rate compared to if you were to opt into Inclusive Access program.


5. I opted out by mistake and would like to opt back in. Am I able to do so?

– Yes! You will have until the last day of “Add/Drop Classes” period with the college. Please seek Student Services regarding these dates.


6. I am using Federal Aid that does not allow a “course material fee.” How can I still save money and be included in such a great program?

– If you have Federal Aid such as the GI Bill, Tuition Assistance, or My CAA you can still utilize inclusive access! You will still have to pay the Business Office directly once you elect to opt in to the program. The “other charges” fee is comparable to you purchasing textbooks up front in the College Store. Payments are also accepted at Camp Lejeune and/or MCAS New River.


7. I still have questions that were not addressed. Who can I contact for further help?

– If your question has not been answered in this FAQ, please call the College Store at (910) 938-6295 for more information.

- You can also email: