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Financial Aid Information

Financial Aid Information

The most common types of financial aid are Pell Grant (FASFA), Vocational Rehab, WIOA and College Foundation Scholarships. However, there are other sources of financial aid and scholarships that allow you to charge in the bookstore. Please consult with the appropriate source of your funding for more information. Additional resources can be found on the webpage "Paying for Coastal."
Students must present their student ID to use financial aid in the bookstore. If you do not have your student ID you will need to visit the Security Office, located in the Student Center, to obtain one. Students are required acknowledge their Financial Aid Award Letter before charging in the bookstore. This process is completed by accessing Self-Service from the MyCCCC portal. 

Listed below are the dates students may begin to charge their textbooks and supplies for Fall 2024:

3rd Party Sponsorships:

Vocational Rehab (VRE) - 08/12/24 - Please contact Coastal Veterans Department
Workforce Innovation Oppotunity Act (WIOA) - No earlier than 08/05/2024
Foundation Scholarship): No earlier than 08/05/2024 - Please contact Coastal Foundation
Pell Grant (FASFA): 08/05/2024
Please note that the charge period for students only enrolled in an 8 or 12-week (5 or 10-week in Summer) class may be different. Generally, the beginning of the charge period is 10 calendar days before the start date of the course.