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Flash Cards - Anatomy

Anatomy 1

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300 full-color cards on 14 human-body systems, with images on one side and label text on the other so that students can test themselves easily. There is nothing else that compares in quality, # of cards and price!
Flash Cards - Anatomy Two

Anatomy 2

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300 full-color cards on 14 human body systems, covering parts that could not be covered on our first set of cards. To truly offer the benefit of flash cards for memory retention, we included the maximum number of body part labels per card that short-term memory can retain and move to long-term memory. This second set adds a few systems beautifully illustrated by award winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez. With images and numbered labels naming parts on one side and just the numbered parts on the other, students can easily test themselves or their study partner. There is nothing else that compares in quality, number of cards and price.

Suggested uses:
- Students - establish your core memory of human anatomy whether you will be a nurse, physical therapists, pre med, or even a massage therapist
Quick Study - Anatomy Two

Anatomy 2 Study Guide

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Loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification.

Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vincent Perez.
Quick Study - APA/MLA Guidelines

APA/MLA Guidelines

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Quick reference guide to the essentials of two of the most highly used writing style guides for college- level students. The 7th edition of the American Psychological Association's publication manual combined with reference to the 8th edition of the Modern Language Association's rules of punctuation, reference citation, structure and format in 6 laminated handy pages filled with the answers you need for these commonly used guidelines. APA is used largely in academics, psychology, communications, business, nursing, social sciences, criminology, education, economics and more. MLA is used for language and literature, foreign language, literary criticism and cultural studies. Having a quick reference handy can speed up the writing and editing process allowing the writer to focus on the quality of the paper, ensuring a better grade if you are a student or a more professionally clean article or paper if writing for publication in your field. For the convenience and benefit of increasing the quality of your writings, the price makes it easy to add this to your writers toolbox.
6 page laminate guide includes:
APA STYLE 7th Edition
  • What is APA Style?
  • Writing for the Behavioral & Social Sciences
  • Manuscript Structure & Content
  • Writing Clearly & Concisely
  • The Mechanics of Style
  • Statistics in Text
  • Paper Format
  • Citing Sources in the Text with Examples
  • Reference List with Formatting Samples
  • MLA STYLE 8th Edition
  • What is MLA Style?
  • Research & Writing & Reference Works
  • Plagiarism & Academic Integrity
  • Research Paper Format
  • Citing Sources in the Text
  • Mechanics of Writing with Examples
  • Works Cited List with Examples
  • Suggested uses:
  • Students - Handy reference while writing papers & easily switch between styles
  • Professors/Teachers - Keep handy while writing for academic journals in your subject area
  • Professionals - Use while writing academic articles or papers for publication
  • Quick Study - Art History One

    Art History 1 Study Guide

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    An extensive look at the early origins of art--from prehistoric times all the way up to the 14th century--can be found in this jam-packed, 3-panel QuickStudy guide. Different types of art, as well as descriptions of noteworthy art pieces and the time periods in which they were created, are covered in an easy-to-use format. A must-have guide for art novices and experts alike!
    Quick Study - Art History Two

    Art History 2 Study Guide

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    BarCharts' comprehensive tour of art and artists continues with our 3-panel guide, which covers the Renaissance period through World War II. Specific artists--such as Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet and Salvador Dali--and their works are detailed, as well as the types of art they represent. This guide is sure to be a welcome addition to any art lover's bookshelf.
    Astronomy Quick Study

    Astronomy Study Guide

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    A comprehensive guide to the known universe.

    Great reference for classes, including earth science and physical science as well as astronomy.

    Also great for those curious about the solar system and the universe beyond.

    Quick Study - Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy Study Guide

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    The series that BarCharts was built upon. For those in law school facing loads of information that culminates in the Bar Exam.
    Quick Study - Bar Guide: A Mixology Reference

    Bar Guide: A Mixology Reference

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    Essential, professional and home bar reference, laminated to survive the elements of an active club or lounge, social event, home bar or kitchen. Decode drink making and sound like an expert with the history of ingredients, including alcohol and how it is made, plus expectations of taste for each ingredient and how to balance tastes. Popular and interesting drink recipes act as examples for practice of technique, balance and presentation. Go beyond a recipe and craft your drinks with a book's worth of information in 6 pages.
    6-page laminated guide includes:
  • History of the Bar
  • Home Bar Basics
  • Glassware
  • Bar Equipment
  • Mixing Methods
  • Style & Flair
  • Club Cocktails
  • Distillation
  • Brandy, History, Drink Recipes
  • Gin, History, Drink Recipes
  • Liqueurs, About & Recipes
  • Punch
  • Rum, History & Recipes
  • Tequila, History & Recipes
  • Vodka, History & Recipes
  • Whiskey, History & Recipes
  • Wine, Vocabulary, Types & Recipes
  • Beer, Vocabulary & Types
  • Bartenders Vocabulary
  • Quick Study - Bartender's Guide To Cocktails

    Bartender's Guide To Cocktails

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    Party or relax with some favorites.

    At a bar, relaxing at home or at a party, enjoy this spillproof, quick-and-easy modern drink guide.