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Quick Study - Resumes & Interviews

Resumes & Interviews Study Guide

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Offers solid information on different styles of resumes and interview techniques.

Prepared by professional resume writers and human resource managers.

Quick Study - Rocks and Minerals

Rocks and Minerals Study Guide

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This 6-page pictorial guide will help you to recognize and differentiate vast arrays of rocks and minerals and their compositions.

Quick Study - Science Terminology

Science Terminology Study Guide

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Essential terminology for the study of science pulled together in one guide to maximize success in College and High School courses. Succinct definitions by our resident Ph.D., Biology author and professor ensure the usefulness of this handy guide from high school to college.
Quick Study - Scientists Discoveries - Dates, Laws & Theories

Scientists Discoveries - Dates, Laws & Theories Study Guide

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During the course of history, many scientists around the world have led the way in developing medical and technological breakthroughs; learn more about their achievements with this jam-packed, 3-panel guide. A comprehensive list of notable scientific figures is featured, along with detailed explanations of what each accomplished in his/her respective field. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to get the most out of this guide!

Quick Study - Skeletal System Advanced

Skeletal System Advanced Study Guide

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Studying the skeletal system in detail will be a cinch with our comprehensive, 6-panel guide. Each skeletal area--from the bones of the thorax to the vertebral column--has been illustrated and labeled in full color by award-winning artist Vincent Perez. Better understanding and higher grades are guaranteed!
Quick Study - Solar System

Solar System Study Guide

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Ultimate quick reference guide for any earthling's questions about our solar system, whether a student, lover of all things space, or stargazing and night sky enthusiasts. Beautifully designed with images from NASA and expertly written by science author, consultant and professor John Roch, PhD who includes more facts per page than any book or website. This 6 page laminated guide will last a lifetime so you will always know what the surface temperature of Mercury is, how many known satellites Neptune has, what the Kuiper Belt is, or what other dwarf planets there are besides Pluto?
6-page laminated guide includes:
  • Solar System Breakdown
  • Essential Terms
  • Space Missions Listed for Each Object & Planet Below
  • Sun
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Asteroid Belt
  • Ceres
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Kuiper Belt
  • Pluto
  • Haumea
  • Makemake
  • Eris
  • More Solar System Facts
  • Quick Study - Sonography Technician

    Sonography Technician Study Guide

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    Our jam-packed 3-panel (6-page) guide is ideal for all sonography (ultrasound) students. This up-to-date guide features our customary easy-to-use format and informative, fluff-free style, with sections that cover all aspects of sonography--ranging from sound waves to image interpretation. Each section features "The Sonographer Knows" summary of critical points, set off graphically for easy reference.
    Quick Study - Spanish Conversation

    Spanish Conversation Study Guide

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    Use to instantly create hundreds of sentences for communication in Spanish. Provides basic sentences with plug-in words that are color-coded. To change the sentence, pick a different color-coded noun, verb or adjective for a wide range of sentences for communication in each category listed below.
    Technical & Business Writing Quick Study

    Technical & Business Writing Study Guide

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    This 6-page guide outlines the basic concepts of business writing, ranging from memos to customer correspondence.

    Study Guide - The Foot

    The Foot Study Guide

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    Loaded with meticulously detailed, beautifully illustrated structures of human joints and ligaments and their bone counterparts for comparison, clearly and concisely labeled for easy identification.
    Illustrations by award-winning and best-selling medical illustrator Vincent Perez, whose life mission is cataloging the beauty and detail of our complicated body systems for the medical professional, the formative student and the inquisitive layperson.