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Quick Study - Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Study Guide

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The series that BarCharts was built upon. For those in law school facing loads of information that culminates in the Bar Exam.
Quick Study - Bartender's Guide To Cocktails

Bartender's Guide To Cocktails

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Party or relax with some favorites.

At a bar, relaxing at home or at a party, enjoy this spillproof, quick-and-easy modern drink guide.

Quick Study - Bible Terminology

Bible Terminology Study Guide

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Biblical figures, people, places, actions, objects, and concepts from the Old Testament and New Testament defined objectively and organized for ease of reference. Anyone simply reading or fully studying the Bible in historic and religious context can quickly refer to this guide to connect and refresh his or her understanding of the text as a whole.
Biology 2 Quickstudy

Biology 2 Study Guide

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Includes topics that could not be crammed into our first biology guide.

Quick Study - Black History - Civil War to Present

Black History - Civil War to Present Study Guide

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Black history in America: Fort Sumter to Barack Obama.

Quick Study - Botany

Botany Study Guide

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This 6-page multi-colored guide is created for both high school and college level students studying the fundamental structure of botany.

British Literature Quick Study

British Literature Study Guide

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This comprehensive guide covers major events in British literature, ranging from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Also includes basic overviews of literature in Scotland and Ireland.

Business Math Formulas Quick Study

Business Math Formulas Study Guide

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Comprehensive guide on basic formulas & definitions for an introductory course in business mathematics.

Quick Study - C++

C++ Study Guide

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Ultimate guide to C++ programming language.

Guide assumes that all readers have a general understanding of programming languages, and an understanding of the PC/Wintel environment.

4-page guide includes detailed information on:
- numbers & characters
- operators
- if/else commands
- arrays
- switch statements
- loops
- functions
- sharing variables
- advanced functions
Quick Study - Calculus - Equations & Answers

Calculus - Equations & Answers Study Guide

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For every student who has ever found the answer to a particular calculus equation elusive or a certain theorem impossible to remember, QuickStudy comes to the rescue! This 3-panel (6-page) comprehensive guide offers clear and concise examples, detailed explanations and colorful graphs--all guaranteed to make calculus a breeze! Easy-to-use icons help students go right to the equations and problems they need to learn, and call out helpful tips to use and common pitfalls to avoid.